Back-end web developer

Back-end development is a very strong side of mine. In almost all the companies I worked, I worked as a back-end developer. Was developing a lot with PHP and after some time I also found Python.

Flask is the framework of my choice at the moment, but there are no problems to pick any other on my way if needed. The tools to be used depends on the problem which needs to be solved.

Unhappy user

Yes, I'm an unhappy user. Even if there are a lot of good guys doing great job and user experience became much better in the last couple of years, I still believe that the most of the software and websites are too complex to use. That is why I'm passionate about web design and user experience. I do constantly develop my skill set in those areas, so that the website I build would be easier to use.

Minimalism, simplicity, typography, aesthetics and focus on the small details are the most important things for me.

Self learner

"Stay hungry. Stay foolish." - Steve Jobs

I do believe that constant learning is the key to success. That is why I can't stop learning new things, technologies and can't stop reading books.

Moreover I hate when I'm told that something is impossible and I always tend to use that as a motivation to move forward.

Ignas Butėnas

Professional web developer from a small and beautiful country named Lithuania. Currently travelling the world, working remotely. I'm available for a freelance web development and usability consulting.

Also I'm passionate about good coffee, food and photography. Reading the books is also the thing I enjoy a lot!


Some projects & companies I was or am involved